NAKED Optics - Ski Goggles The FORCE EVO

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True to the motto, "May the FORCE be with you," NAKED Optics turns you into the hero of untouched powder slopes with these unique goggles. Four optional lenses give you the perfect view whatever the weather and can be changed in seconds with the SnapTech Magnetic Exchange System.

For the first time in the 2018/19 season, the FORCE EVO model features an innovative LensLock system that allows the magnetic interchangeable lenses to sit so securely in the frame that not even the strongest Jedi can rip the lenses out. This is a welcomed improvemen especially if you crash heavily in the backcountry! With clever engineereed Airflow channels and a strong NeverFog coating, the goggles will not fog even on the toughest climbs, and thanks to the silicone headband, once adjusted, the glasses will always stay in place. The 3-layer foam ensures a very comfortable fit and perfect fit for every face.

The FORCE EVO comes in 3 different colors